Discovery of Penicillin

Alexander Fleming

3rd September 1928

Accredited World Origin Site
WOS0001 3rd September 2023

St Mary’s Hospital, 135a Praed Street, Paddington,
London, W2 1QY, UK

“Fleming will be in extremely good company!”

Kevin Brown, Alexander Fleming Museum, London, UK


World Origin Site Status Accreditation

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The commercial use of the World Origin Site status, logo and accreditation is subject to a licence but this may be applied free of charge to certain sites, charities or local interest groups.

Alexander Fleming’s Laboratory Museum in London was awarded
World Origin Site status 03/09/2023 – 95 years since Fleming’s discovery. Museum founder and Fleming author Kevin Brown with plaque WOS 0001

Marconi’s first Wireless Station at the Needles on the Isle of Wight awarded World Origin Site status 14/09/2023 – General Manager Marino Zanti and renowned Marconi expert and author Tim Wander with plaque WOS 0002

Historic Croydon Airport Trust have been awarded World Origin Site status. They feature detailed displays and records about the building of the world’s first Air Traffic Control Tower that was located very near to the site of the current airport buildings that contain the museum.

Rugby School is the birthplace of the game but no specific date has ever been agreed for the match when William Webb Ellis ‘ran with the ball’. World Origin Site Accreditation has been granted for the persons, date and place where the first rules of the game were written.

  1. NOMINATION of a site to the World Origin Site website from any source.
  2. Supplied information for Nomination is first assessed by WOS for credibility.
  3. Additional information requests by WOS to proposer, site or associated bodies.
  4. Publication of site’s moderated Nomination on the World Origin Site website.
  5. Invitation for third party confirmation, amendments or dispute via WOS Website.
  6. Additional information assessed by WOS for inclusion in Nomination post.
  7. Third party expert input or publications sought by WOS for veracity of claim.
  8. At least three independently published sources must match the claim.
  9. Additional confirmation by credible expert on the subject may be requested.
  10. Certain Museums and Heritage sites may already meet Accreditation criteria.
  11. Visit by WOS to site, as practical, to assess claim and inspect plaque location.
  12. Definition of WOS Plaque wording returned to site and experts for comment.
  13. WOS Accreditation Certificate wording and applicant name provided by site.
  14. Plaque & Certificate amendments.
  15. Plaque location specified by site, WOS to advise and agree appropriate site.
  16. Plaque mounting and display permissions sought, if necessary, by site.

  17. ACCREDITATION agreed by WOS.
  18. World Origin Site licence signed by site or awarded Free to Use by WOS.
  19. Additional information, links & images added to website listing.
  20. Accredited site published with live links on WOS Website.
  21. Plaque production actioned. NB – A plaque may not be appropriate to all sites.
  22. Certificate printed and supplied for signing by site representative.
  23. Press and publicity discussed by site and WOS.
  24. Plaque and Certificate presentation or unveiling at site. Press as appropriate.
  25. Cleared images published on WOS website, issued to press as appropriate.
  26. Ongoing support and publicity opportunities explored between site and WOS.

  27. ANNUAL ASSESSMENT of site, promotion, access to info & condition of plaque.
  28. Update Accreditation Listing with any new information, images or links.
  29. If all WOS Accreditation Criteria maintained then Licence Renewal.
  30. Maintaining WOS Accreditation Criteria also applies to Free to Use licences.
  31. If criteria not met sites will be given six months to redress and reapply.
  32. If criteria not met or no extension granted by WOS the licence will be deemed void.
  33. Void licence removes WOS Accreditation and live website links
  34. Notice will be posted on the WOS Website and all use of the WOS Logo barred.
  35. Dispute resolution if WOS has been contacted by counter claimant.

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