Powered Manned Flight

Orville and Wilbur Wright

17th December 1903

Accredited World Origin Site
WOS0004 17th December 2023

Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, NC,
27948, USA

Marking the Origins of our Modern World

Landmark Inventions

Life-changing Discoveries

World Firsts


What is a World Origin Site?

A World Origin Site is somewhere completely unique. It marks the place, people and moment when something truly ground-breaking was invented, discovered or first used.

This includes where and when some of our most famous brands, familiar products and global companies originated.

Only one place on the planet can ever lay claim to these landmark moments in the development of our modern world.

World Origin Site has been created to record, recognise and celebrate these sites whether they are marked by a monument, museum or are just a humble house, shed or street corner. Every World Origin Site matters.


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